General Information

"The mission of the Wellesley College Alumnae Association is to support the Institutional Priorities of Wellesley College by connecting alumnae to the College and to each other. The Association will serve as a lifelong resource to alumnae and will encourage alumnae to contribute to the continued excellence of the College."

- from the bylaws of the WCAA, as amended in June 1998

The Association is an independent, self-governing organization created by the alumnae of Wellesley College in 1880.

It maintains substantial representation on the board of trustees of the College, with four alumnae trustees, a young alumnae trustee, and the president of the Association, who serves ex officio and with vote. On administrative and programming fronts, Association volunteers and staff work closely with the Office of Admission, Center for Work and Service, Office for Resources, President’s Office, and other College offices.

In 1952, during the 75th Anniversary Fund campaign, the Alumnae Association board and the board of trustees began to rethink the fund raising role of the Association. The decision was made to change the Association’s mission and since then, all fund raising for the College has come through the Office for Resources. The Alumnae Association continues to work closely and have a strong partnership with the Office for Resources as we serve these distinct roles.

The Alumnae Association abides by strict standards in order to maintain the integrity of alumnae data.

Many alumnae contact the College with distinct requests regarding the management of their personal information. The College and the Alumnae Association are dedicated to respecting all of these requests. We carefully monitor the method by which the College receives alumnae data and the policies governing its use. We protect and distribute this information based on criteria designed to honor alumnae privacy. Our commitment to every alumna is to take all reasonable precautions to shield her from unapproved solicitation and contact. We ask that our alumnae volunteers do the same.

How an Alumna Can Update Her Record


Alumnae can view and update their personal information in My Wellesley Community. They will need to set up their Wellesley Login in order to access My Wellesley Community. For instructions on how to do so, visit


This email address can be used to update one’s personal information such as mailing address, employment or educational information, email, phone number, or name changes.

Phone: 1.800.339.5233

This recording line is used exclusively for updates to alumnae’s personal information.

College Policy on Acceptable Update Sources

  1. Name changes (last names or preferred first names) must come from the alumna herself and can be submitted to the College by email, phone or mail.
  2. Address and phone number changes can come from the alumna, from a friend or relative, from class or club officers, or from the post office. Be wary of address and phone number information found online, as it is often outdated or inaccurate.
  3. Information on employment, graduate degrees, spouses, children, birth dates, and non-Wellesley volunteer activities can come from the alumna, from a friend or relative, from class or club officers, and from magazines and newspapers.
  4. Ethnicity and social security numbers are only accepted directly from the alumna.
  5. Wellesley volunteer information should come from the group for which the alumna volunteers or from the office that works with that group.